12V PIR Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent - Order Code XXXX

12V PIR Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent automatically emits a high frequency acoustic alarm when a fox or any other animal enters the detection zone thus providing a deterrent to foxes from entering your property. Protects and area up to 150m2 .

Each time the fox approaches its body heat and movement are detected and activate an ultrasound alarm (calibrated to be extremely loud to foxes ears but inaudible to humans). As the fox retreats the alarm stops and in this way the fox learns to associate its movement with the noise and give a wide berth to the protected area.

The unique ultrasound frequency pattern comprises a series of alarm frequencies in the range 40-45kHz - audible only to foxes and dogs. This ultrasonic noise is absolutely safe and set well above the level that can be heard by humans (20kHz), cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, frogs, birds or other garden wildlife, but is does cause foxes a degree of discomfort up to 20m away. It does not harm the fox in any way. Dogs can hear this noise and will also be deterred from the area.

Other (cheaper) ultrasonic fox deterrents tend to simply product a random, permanent ultrasound signal, even when there is no fox around. Since foxes often need to go through this learning process, these deterrents usually decrease in effectiveness very quickly as the fox become 'immune' to the noise.

12V PIR Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent is designed to run trouble free all year round and in all weather conditions. Works with 9V battery for approximately 12 weeks or with a mains adapter (optional) indefinitely. A solar powered accessory is also available to enable indefinite operation even where no mains electricity supply is available. Note that efficacy declines as the 9V battery power declines.

Ø 12V PIR Ultrasonic Fox Deterrent : Order code XXXX

Ø Operating voltage : 9V - 12 V DC

Ø Standby power consumption : 3.5 mA

Ø Installation attitude : Vertical mounting

Ø Viewing angle : 100 °

Ø Range : up to 12 m

Ø Degree of protection : IP 44 (can be used outside)

Ø Working temperature : -30°C to + 60°C

Ø Dimensions ( H x W x D) : 165 x 90 x 50 mm

Ø Colour : Brown

Ø Housing : UV-resistant polymer

Ø Approvals : CE Marked

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